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No two fitness paths are the same, at Bold we believe in creating programs with that in mind. We work with each of our clients on a individual level to create custom fitness and nutrition programs that are catered specifically to them. Whether you are training for competition, trying to improve your body composition, or recovering from an injury, we’ve got you. We also believe that most work harder when surrounded by other hard working people. So we combined two of our favourite aspects of training; group gym sessions with personalized programs.
The best of both worlds in one.

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Through our ID Program you will be connected with one of our amazing coaches who will work with you throughout your program. You will also be surrounded by other qualified coaches who will be there to ensure you are executing your program effectively.

When you first start we do an assessment that includes: body composition using Fit3D technology, movement, strength, conditioning, nutrition and goal setting. The assessment allows your coach to start building your custom program. You will then work through that program in our scheduled gym sessions. The gym sessions are semi-private style with a 5:1 client:coach ratio.

Are you ready?


where to start


If you have never trained at Bold before we have a two step sign up process that we follow to get started.

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Click the button below to open the form. This form will help us understand your goals and match you with one of our dedicated coaches. It’s free to fill out, an easy first step.

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We run our fall ID program from September to the end of April but early bird pricing is live now. By committing to a program now you will get our early bird monthly rate all the way through the program. Our programs vary depending on how much coaching support you would like.

When people sign up they are committing to the Bold ID season. You can sign up at anytime between now and April 1st and can cancel with one months paid notice.



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 Our Facilities

Located in the Father David Bauer Arena the Bold Gym houses state of the art equipment designed for maximum performance.
You can find us on the top level above the main arena on the SouthWest wall. We have lots of parking either on the north or southwest lots.

2424 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3Y9

(403) 401-8822